Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes


Introducing The Awe-Inspiring Andrew Hughes: While watching the Kings of Comedy with cousins, the dream of becoming a comedian was ignited in Andrew Hughes. Friends and family encouraged the ever-funny Andrew to give it try. I smile as this humble comedian describes the fear he felt, at the thought of stepping on stage with other talented comedians. Being an avid viewer of his viral videos on social media, I would not have guessed fear would be a worry for Comedian Andrew Hughes. The dream finally became a reality for our sensational comedian with the help of internationally renowned Carvin H. Goldstone.

Carvin introduced a show called Next Generation Comedy in order to give aspiring new-comers a chance to step on stage and give comedy a try. Andrew then states, “The rest is history”.


Ixopo born standup Comedian Andrew Hughes has his sights set on becoming a television sensation. I can attest by the number of views his videos receive on Facebook that it is just a matter of time. Through our conversation the remarkable Andrew pointed out his focus on improving his craft to become successful. The plan is to study other established comedians and learn from them while continuing to release hilarious comedic videos. Andrew informs me that his videos have become very popular among the younger generation.


Comedy just like any other business has its challenges. I discussed these challenges with our featured comedian to obtain his perspective on issues he has personally experienced. Andrew points out that for the last four years comedy has been a great source of income. However, with the restrictions on gatherings during lockdown, the result has seriously affected his pocket. He goes on to explain that the recent pandemic has opened his eyes and allowed him to view the world differently. We need to adapt to survive. Andrew advises me that people still refrain from public gatherings and comedy shows are suffering. Comedians have to become innovative in order to make money now.

Comedy Inspiration

I am always curious about the creative side of comedians and what inspires their jokes. Andrew simply says, “I am inspired by what happens around me”. Our talented comedian walks me through his process of taking a funny or not-so-funny event and turning it into a joke. Andrew educated me on the fact that Comedians are storytellers who ensure their content is relatable to people, while still being funny.


Andrew Hughes is comedian, actor, rapper, Corporate MC and father. We took sometime to discuss his complex lifestyle and what is takes to manage his time. Andrew ensures that he knows exactly what he is trying to accomplish for the day. This allows him to use his time wisely. With a new baby that has just arrived, his time has become very precious. Our awesome Comedian makes certain that he has constant interaction with the right people.


Comedians constantly perform with other comedians in shows. I asked Andrew to share a story about any Comedian he has collaborated with on stage. On the top of his mind is his mentor Carvin H. Goldstone. The remarkable Andrew Hughes tells me about a time when he accompanied his mentor to a show. He watched in awe as Carvin and other established comedians took to the stage to entertain the crowd. Andrew says that watching Carvin perform is always an experience and he learns alot. Then something wonderful happened. Carvin arranged for Andrew to perform on the night with these seasoned comedians. Andrew describes the joy he felt when Carvin complimented him on performing excellent under pressure.


What does the future hold for the phenomenal Andrew Hughes?

Andrew would like to one day establish his own entertainment company. The dream of being a television sensation is also holding strong.

In the near future Andrew Hughes will performing on 29 May 2021 at Sinoritas in Guateng. Tickets are available at Quicket. So be sure to show your support.

Our sensible Comedian lets me know that he has responsibilities and his main priority is to take care of them while pursuing his dreams.


I must say that I really enjoyed speaking to Comedian Andrew Hughes and he wanted to show his gratitude to his supporters. Andrew had this to say, “Thank You everyone for your continued support on social media and my comedy career. Thank You for all the messages and love I have received. I really appreciate it”.

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