Introducing The Phenomenal Squad6ix: In 2007, six skillful rappers arose from the harsh living conditions of Sydenham Heights to form the group Storm Squad. This amazing group later became the phenomenal Squad6ix.


In the beginning, six incredibly talented guys decided to combine their skills and form the group known as Storm Squad. This amazing group consist of master rappers known as Biggie SHB, S.P.U Da Don, MD, Dollar$ign, Bza and their beat-master O.G. These guys lit up “Da Heights” with their flow and began to create their own following. However, tragedy struck and the brother of O.G. known as Brett “Bza” August passed away. The group found it hard to continue and Storm Squad went quiet.

In 2011, four of the remaining members of Storm Squad emerged and formed the hardcore group known as Squad6ix. Armed with Da Don’s masterful flow, Dollar$ign’s hardcore lyrics, O.G’s hot beats and Biggie’s vision, this group stepped into the music industry with more determination to succeed.

I spoke with Biggie to really get a feel of Squad6ix. We discussed their vision, their challenges, what inspires their lyrics, Dusted, Bruinfunk Hip Hop and the future of Squad6ix.


Squad6ix has a vision to be the next level of Bruinfunk Hip Hop. I asked Biggie to elaborate on this statement and he laid out a clear plan for their group. “Expanding our brand” was the first words from the incredible rapper. Biggie explains that we are living in a digital world and their group is making sure they exist on all platforms. This means creating quality content for their listeners to ensure album sales. Squad6ix have also developed clothing apparel to boost income and ensure their brand is physically visible.


Biggie informed me that they have experienced challenges due to lockdown. He explained that Squad6ix performances had slowed down and this impacted on them financially. The closure of night clubs and restrictions on gatherings has been hard for entertainers in South Africa. But lockdown could not hold down Squad6ix. Biggie coyly points out that Squad6ix still dropped their album Indoor Stock in the beginning of Lockdown. He declared “Lockdown will not stop Squad6ix”.

These extraordinary rappers are known for their remarkable music videos. Biggie indicated that lockdown restricted their movements to shoot music videos. He said however, that this just gave them more time in the studio to be creative and drop more music.


Squad6ix always brings fire with their lyrics. They are hardcore, true to the hood and I am a huge fan. I enquired from Biggie on what inspires them when writing these lyrics. Biggie pointed out that living every day in Sydenham Heights inspires Squad6ix. He says that the group feeds off the energy of their community. When someone is hurting or just experiencing life in the hood, provides content for their albums. Biggie pauses then acknowledges that Squad6ix always keeps it Bruinfunk when writing lyrics. He says that they ensure that their audience can relate to them and this gives their lyrics a deeper meaning.


With the recent release of the game-changing track Dusted featuring Chuckie, I had to find out about the collaboration. Biggie declares “Chuckie is a Real One”. He says Chuckie arrived at their studio in Sydenham Heights and held his own. The beat started, Chuckie came with dope lyrics and then he laid his on the track.

Biggie then states, “That beat on Dusted was created by O.G. He is our beat-master, executive producer and arranges all our music”. I was thrilled to hear that O.G. has also produced all the tracks for Squad6ix. Biggie says “He really is a blessing”.

Bruinfunk Hip Hop

I enquire about the music Squad6ix creates. Biggie informs me that Bruinfunk Hip Hop is Hip Hop relating to our culture. Squad6ix has produced a number of albums such as Rep Hard Nation, Indoor Stock, DPEP2, Ganglife and my personal favourite the single Tell me now.

Biggie lets me know that these albums are available on all platforms such as YouTube, My Space, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and even Amazon.

I then enquire about the production of this incredible music. Biggie proudly informs me that O.G. creates the beat first. The group then discusses the concept behind the song and in what order they will be rapping. Then Da Don, Dollar$ign, Biggie and O. G. step into the booth separately and lay down their vocals. The hook is then sorted out and O.G. arranges the track.


I ask Biggie “What does the future hold for Squad6ix”?

Instantly I smiled as Biggie mentions that Squad6ix will be releasing 2 new tracks. They will be  called Gully Fame and Rep City.

He then advises me that Squad6ix is working hard to try and secure a record deal. However, they are not just sitting back and waiting. The plan to market the group, expand the brand and create quality music is in full effect. The aim of Squad6ix is to push their “Gully” forward as there are people who look up to them. They want to show that there is a way to move up in this world. Squad6ix with their commitment and dedication, run a tight ship.

Personally, I see a bright future for Squad6ix.


Biggie then says on behalf of all the members of Squad6ix he would like to Thank everyone who supports them and a big shoutout to all the fans that listen to their music. He would also like to show love to TRO who paved the way for them.

Peace to Da Squad6ix Gang.

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