Daryl Williams
Daryl Williams


Introducing The Multi-Talented Daryl Williams: “I always loved watching comedy” were the first words mentioned by the ever-funny Daryl Williams. We were discussing how Daryl started in the comedy industry. He recounts the day he saw a post from Carvin H Goldstone about a Next Generation Comedy Show.

It was a Wednesday and the show was on the Friday. He messaged Carvin, who advised him to come on the show and see just how funny he is. Daryl recalls how another comedian told him that he had two years’ experience in comedy and he jokes that he started on Wednesday. As fate would have it, Daryl along with Andrew Hughes, killed it on stage that night. As a result, Carvin kept booking them for comedy shows.

Daryl Williams left his job at Nedbank and became a fulltime Comedian.


Daryl describes his vision as representing his culture and being family orientated. I was really impressed by the business ideas of our featured comedian while also staying authentic to his supporters. The acknowledgement of a change in style from a corporate event to a local event really showed the versatility which is Daryl Williams.


The awesome Daryl Williams characterizes himself as a face-to-face Comedian. The challenges brought about through Covid restricted him from achieving this. I was intrigued as I learned how our resourceful comedian partnered with Savana to live-stream during lockdown to ease his financial burden. Daryl admits that Covid has “broke” the Comedy scene and comedians are working harder to repair the damage. Our talented Comedian did not sit on his laurels during lockdown. The amazing Daryl Williams wrote a new comedy special, worked on his autobiography and went into partnership with Bevin Gys to form a company called Right Pressure.

Comedy Inspiration

I queried Daryl on what inspires his phenomenal comedy. He informed me that his inspiration largely originates from his family. Our remarkable comedian also enjoys using observational humour to find the comedy in everyday life. Daryl states that he really enjoys using thought provoking issues which people are afraid to discuss in his comedy routine.  

I was curious to find out how a joke is actually construct for his routine. Daryl says “True Story. I have a joke called Driving once Coloured”. The premise of the joke is being pulled over by a police officer for being Coloured. Daryl continues, “A cop pulled me over. I thought that he assumed that I was drunk. The cop actually pulled me over for a faulty tail light. I pass him my license. Without looking at my license he asks what is my name, so I say Darryl. He asks if I know Daryl Williams. I say Yes. He proceeds to tell me how tight he and Daryl are and they are good friends. I don’t know this guy. I do have a very good joke though….lol.”


Daryl Duane Williams is a Comedian, Actor, Writer, Corporate MC, Businessman and Family Man. I was eager to find out exactly how all these caps are worn by one man. I am quickly advised that this incredible human being has a strong support structure. He replies that he does not handle everything on his own. Especially with 3 kids and the youngest being only 7 days old. Daryl equates his success in his career to his supportive wife. He states, “My wife helps me with my jokes and even rehearses my lines with me for upcoming auditions”.  This supportive structure has allowed Daryl to form a platform called “So you think you got jokes”. It is his way of paying-it-forward to the community. This platform has uncovered 20 new comedians who are currently still working in the comedy industry.


Comedians work with other comedians on an on-going basis. I am always interested to find out about the dynamics which occur during the collaboration. Daryl remarks that the one person who he has had the honour to work with was Marc Lottering. “He is one guy that I really look up to”, says Daryl. Our sensational comedian says that he worked on a framework of one laugh a minute. Marc educated him on changing it to laugh every 10 seconds. This creates a high energy around the room. Daryl informs me that he really enjoys making the ladies laugh so much that you finally hear a sigh because their cheeks are to sore to laugh anymore.


What does the future hold for Daryl Williams?

I am pleasantly surprised to be taken through the goals set out by our multi-talented comedian. Daryl has set his sights on being an aspiring author, local and international actor and a well-known comedian.

Daryl Williams is determined to be successful in the wonderful metropolitan area known as Durban. He has confidence in his talent and believes that you do not have to move to Guateng to be successful.

Daryls words were, “Big things are coming soon”.


I really enjoyed speaking to this extraordinary comedian known as Daryl Duane Williams. He was really forthcoming with information regarding his life and made the interview such a pleasure to conduct.

Daryl has these words to share with his supporters. “I am overwhelmed from the support from my family and people who support my comedy. Some people attend my comedy shows multiple times and I really appreciate it. So, I would like to say Thank You to all comedy lovers for their continued support”.

P.S. “Asking for comps will not be supported anymore, I need money for Kimbies now….lol”.

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