Radio of Colour

Introducing Radio of Colour: In the first week of May 2020, during the dreaded LockDown, Radio of Colour (ROC) was born.

Humble Beginning

The brain-child of Comedian Carvin H Goldstone was given life through a discussion with DJ Craig G aka Mr Craig Goveia. The pioneers of this radio station started off in humble beginning as an audio stream which was called Goldstone Radio. Goldstone Radio would broadcast every night from 10pm on Comedian Carvin Goldstone’s fan page to entertain its ever-growing listeners.

Radio of Colour

Seeing the potential of Goldstone Radio, Carvin and Craig rebranded the radio station. A new logo was designed, a new professional page was formed and Radio of Colour arose into our lives. ROC became the answer to the social impact which listeners were experiencing during the Covid epidemic. People were isolated and longed for an escape, and ROC provided just that. It became the platform to allow Carvin and Craig to give back to their already established following.


ROC is not all music and comedy. As with any business, it comes with its challenges. In the beginning ROC had to deal with a lot of personalities coming into the comment section during the live stream. Carvin and Craig pleaded for respect from their listeners towards each other.

A main challenge during the broadcast is Facebook’s music copyright laws which hamper a complete stream of a show. This has resulted in a show being broken up into parts and listeners having to reconnected constantly.


ROC provides an abundance of exhilarating and engaging shows. I am particular fond of The Reminsce Repertoire of DJ Craig G, The Meet Up of Richelieu B, the ever informative Ask Dr Carmen Show and of course The MAC Pack & Mr WezZ. The thought provoking FanZone with TJ and Roz is truly a fan favourite with ROC listeners. One of my favourites though is definitely Coloured Affairs with Neil Green and Se-Anne. As an Arsenal fan, the Football Fan Show sometimes hurts my feels, lol.

Covid Stories with Mathew Randall really sets off my Saturday morning and also the ever-funny Monday Vibes with Cyril Basker.  

Speaking of funny guys as Trevor would say. ROC boasts a huge amount of talented and funny comedians in its ranks. Phenomenal comedians such as Carvin H Goldstone, Neil Green, Richelieu Beaunoir, Cyril Basker, Darrien Asbury and Andrew Hughes. These guys really take ROC to the next level.


The core of ROC is its music. Radio of Colour has some of the most skillful and entertaining DJs both local and abroad. The exceptional Durbantainment trio of Craigy G, DJ Sanks and The Wiz always set the vibe for ROC listeners aka ROCfamily. A star-studded line up such as, the technically gifted DJ Bizzo, the turntable master DJ Roland “Rolly” Aliphon, mixing wizard DJ Motif and Hip Hop maestro DJ Dazz D3 Tucker entertain us on a daily basis. ROC also boasts an international element to its schedule. The Legend DJ Mark Tucker, the phenomenon DJ Rudz, the skillful DJ Curt Kid and the soulful superstar DJ Carl Alley provide a global platform for ROC to rise to success. Stepping up for the ladies and rocking the graveyard shift, is our very own DJ Dazzle aka Celes Govender. The talent of DJs does not stop here. ROC fan favorite DJ’s such as DJ Stylez, DJ Nawty, DJ Kev, Blended SA, DJ Braddock, Chilli Funk and DJ Bassy keep the beat of the station pumping throughout the week for us.


Carvin Goldstone has a vision to grow the station, “For our people, by our people.” This is the reason why every person who is involved in ROC, is brought in to add value to the radio station. As a fan of Radio of Colour, I have personally experienced the family vibe which exists between all the super stars mentioned above and the ROCfamily. As a result, Radio of Colour is now swanking with 25 000 followers.


So what does the future hold for ROC?

Carvin would like to move Radio of Colour from Facebook to a 24 hour FM Radio Station. Premises have already been acquired in Durban North. An app is also being developed to provide a stable platform to broadcast shows and music. The future of ROC is looking bright.

Message to ROCfamily

Carvin H Goldstone and DJ Craigy G had these words to pass on to the ROCfamily.

“This project would not be possible without you guys. People make an effort to listen and interact with Radio of Colour and we would like to Thank You for your support. We will continue with your help and we are really excited about ROC.”

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