How to Become a DJ (Part 3): A Mobile DJ’s successful performance during a function rests on a number of factors.

Some of these factors include having the right attitude, being punctual and enjoy the experience. So how does a Mobile DJ perform successfully?

How to become a DJ

Have The Right Attitude

As a Mobile DJ, we are paid to perform to the best of our ability during the function. This not only includes playing music but also having the right attitude towards the function. I always believe that my last performance is what people will remember. I try to always make every performance my best performance.

So what can we do as Mobile DJ’s to enhance our performance?

A DJ needs to be approachable, accommodating to a point and try to connect with your crowd. Remember your crowd is sharing their memories with you by hiring you. Make it a memorable occasion.

Being Punctual

Always remember that as a Mobile DJ you need to factor in your setup time when arriving at a venue. This time should include unloading your equipment from your vehicle, setting up your equipment, carrying out a sound test and troubleshooting any problems.

My setup time is two hours before the function begins. This allows me ample time to setup, troubleshoot any problems, become familiar with the venue and relax a bit before anyone arrives. Being punctual is important.

Enjoy The Experience

After a Mobile DJ has gone through the process of preparing for the function and while mixing through your selection of music, it is very important to enjoy the experience of DJ’ying. I have found that a crowd can pick up on the emotions of the DJ. If you are enjoying yourself, so will they. You will notice that as your confidence grows through the function, so will the confidence of your crowd grow with you. The pure enjoyment you experience at that moment is what DJ’s live for.

I truly hope this information was helpful.

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