How to Become a DJ (Part 2): A Mobile DJ’s successful performance during a function rests on a number of factors.

Some of these factors include knowing your crowd, selection of music and rotating your crowd. So how does a Mobile DJ perform successfully?

Know Your Crowd

I have a number of tricks which I will be sharing with you. These have worked for me over the past 20 years.

How to become a dj

Firstly scan your crowd as they enter the hall or function room. Take note of the different ages of people within your crowd. Quickly group your crowd into a range of ages from young, middle age to seniors. This will help in determining the genres of music you will be playing for the night.

If your crowd is a majority of young people, you will be playing latest R ‘n B, house and pop music during the night. An important fact to remember is not to forget about your other age groups. The trick to being a successful Mobile DJ is to reasonable include everyone in your selection of music.

If your crowd is a majority of middle aged people, from between forty to fifty years old. You will mostly be playing eighties to nineties music, jazz and local favourites. Once again do not forget your other age groups.

Now coming to the senior crowd and also my favourite crowd. You will definitely be playing sixties to eighties music, line dancing, ballroom music and local favourites.

Selection Of Music

So how do I select the correct music during a function?

The best technique which I have found to be very successful is to stick to the favourites songs of the era you are playing in. If I am playing music from the eighties, I would use Tavares – Heaven must be missing an angel or Kool and the Gang – Celebration. A good way of preparing for a function is to research each era (eighties, nineties, latest). Make a note of the popular songs of that era.

The next trick is to play songs from the different genre (R ‘n B, Jazz, Pop) as your crowd is arriving. Take note of the reaction of individuals at the different tables. The tapping of the foot, the nodding of the head, the tapping of the finger on the table. These are signs to let you know that they are enjoying the song. Make a mental note of the type of music you have played. Assign that type of music to the individuals which you have observed. This technique will also give you a fair idea of how you will carry out your sets. Once the function has started, play through the different genre of music. I always take note of the people I have picked out for that genre. Now enjoy the experience of bringing them onto the dance floor.

Rotating Your Crowd

Firstly you have to accept that not everyone came to dance, the rest of your crowd is fair game.

Once you have established your age groups and genre of music from the techniques discussed, it is time to put it all in place. My execution of a function is based on a four song rule. I play four songs from the same genre and decide by the fourth song if I will extend the set or not. When you notice that your crowd is thinning out, move to another genre of music and so on. This technique helps you include everyone that came to dance. It also allows a short rest period for those that have just come off the dance floor.

I truly hope this information was helpful.

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