How to Become a DJ (Part 1): A Mobile DJ’s successful performance during a function rests on a number of factors. I will be discussing some of these key factors. They include preparing for the function, selecting the right audio solution and positioning of the audio equipment. So how does a Mobile DJ perform successfully?

How to become a DJ

Preparing For The Function

Mobile DJ’ing is like any other job. You need to be prepared and have the right attitude before you start working. A DJ needs to know their equipment. I find that the best way to get to know your equipment is to set it up. Pretend you are at a function and play with it. My aim is always to investigate what each button, slider or knob does. Watch YouTube videos and discover how other DJ’s use the same equipment. An important part of preparing for a function is also maintenance of your equipment. As a result from carting equipment to and from venues, normal wear and tear occurs. You need to set aside time for maintenance of your equipment

I believe that a DJ needs to know their music. Listen to your music which you will be playing at functions. Make sure the quality of your selection of music is of a high standard. I tend to organize my music into genre so that it is easily accessible. My goal is always to practice mixing my music and compile sets for different genre.

Selecting The Right Audio Solution

A Mobile DJ will be hired to play at various venues. I make it a point of investigating the venue before the day of the function. Certain criteria are very important. They are the size of the venue, the loading distance to the venue and the number of people who will attend the function. These all play a role in my decision on what equipment to choose for the function. My preference for a small conference room is usually to use two fifteen inch full range speakers and one fifteen inch subwoofer. In a large hall I would use four fifteen inch full range speakers and two eighteen inch subwoofers and so on.

I always ask himself two questions:

  • Will the people sitting at the back of the hall or function room hear a speech clearly with the equipment I bring?
  • Will the equipment I bring be enough to cater for a full dance floor?

Positioning Of The Audio Equipment

The way in which I position my audio equipment is very important. The objective of a Mobile DJ is to fully cover the dance floor with music. I prefer to choose a point in the middle of the dance floor as my focal point for my music. My preference is always about the clarity of the sound of my music. Let me begin with the subwoofers. My subwoofers are always placed on the floor and close to the center of the longest part of the dance floor. This allows the subwoofers to produce sound waves down the center of the dance floor and spread out. My fifteen inch full range speakers are positioned on speaker stands on the edge of the dance floor. They face inwards towards my chosen focal point. The main issue to remember about sound waves is that once they hits a solid surface such as a wall they reflected back. When the reflected sound wave meets the sound wave coming from your speaker, it creates acoustic interference and you lose the clarity of your sound.

I truly hope this information was helpful.

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